In Memoriam Clearing Pond`s Attractive Lady "Alma" 5.8.1999 - 22.12.2012

Thank You Alma for all these happy years together, we miss You so much!



Swedish Winner show 15.12.2012
judge Wendy Andrews GB

Clearing pond`s David Beckham BOB,Cacib and SW-12!
and shortlisted in group 8.


Thank you Merja and Tuija!!
What a trip we had :)


Finnish Winner show 2012
judge Kari Järvinen jun & vet
Patsy Hollings all other classes & BOB

Riverside fellow`s Be My Guest jun exc./2. CK
Pepstep Sweet Storm int. exc.1 CK and BF-3
Daily Rays Charming Star working exc.1
Clearing Pond`s David Beckham ch. exc.2 CK

We also want to congratulate Marita Kivimäki, kennel:Riverside Fellow`s Wilson`s lovely daughter Riverside Fellow`s Brilliant Star "Reeta" won junior class and became Finnnish junior Winner 2012!! Dad is so proud :))

10.11.2012 Jyväskylä Int. show

Judge: Zlatko Jojkic, Serbia

BOS, CACIB Daily Rays Charming Star
BF-2, Ress. CC, Ress. Cacib Pepstep Sweet Storm


4.11.2012 Tarto Int. show Estonia
Judge :Marie-Jose Melchior

Daily Rays Charming Star- BM-2,Ress.Cacib
Riverside Fellow`s Be My Guest - BOB-junior, Junior CC


3.11.2012 Tarto int. show Estonia
Judge: Patsy Hollings GB

Daily Rays Charming Star BOS,Cacib >>> C.I.E, C.I.B
Riverside Fellow`s Be My Guest - BOB-junior,Jun. CC and BF-4


Lahti puppy show 28.10.2012

BOS Clearing Pond`s Golden Touch
Clearing Pond`s Gold Digger puppies 5-7 months:1. with HP


Seinäjoki int. show 27.10.2012
Judge: Viveca lahokoski

BOB, Cacib Clearing Pond`s David Beckham "Veeti"
BF-2, CC, Ress.Cacib Pepstep Sweet Storm "Hertta"


Turku int. show 21.10.2012
Judge: Tijana Konrad, Serbia

BOS,CC Riverside Fellow`s Be My Guest
BM-2,Cacib Daily Rays Charming Star
BM-4 Clearing Pond`s Flying High



Finnish retriever club annual championship show 20.10.2012
Judges :Eddie Webster, Susan Webster and Kati Heiskanen

Over :200 entries Super day :)

BOB, CC Pepstep Sweet Storm "Hertta"
BOS,CC,BIS-1 Tuohikorven Ikaros "Karo" owner: Teemu Heikkinen
(Clearing Pond`s David Beckham-Tuohikorven Oona)

BM-2 Daily Rays Charming Star "Wilson"


Hyvinkää Group show 16.9.2012
Judge :Elizabet Rhodin Sweden

BM-2 Clearing Pond`s David Beckham
Ress.CC Pepstep Sweet Storm


Porvoo All breed show 9.9.2012
Judge: Tamas Jakkkel

BOS Clearing Pond`s David Beckham


8.9.2012 Golden Ring Club Show
Judge: Liz Keane GB

BM-2 Daily Rays Charming Star



BF-4, BIS-2 junior Riverside Fellow`s Be My Guest




2.9.2012 Helsinki All breed show
Judge: Hannele Jokisilta

BM-2 Daily Rays Charming Star
BOS,CC Pepstep Sweet Storm


26.8.2012 Tervakoski Int. show
Judge: Ainslie Carius
BM-2,Ress. Cacib Clearing Pond`s David Beckham
BF-2,Ress.Cacib,Ress.CC Pepstep Sweet Storm


25.8.2012 Seinäjoki Group show

Judge: Paavo Mattila
BOB Daily Rays Charming Star
BOS,CC Riverside Fellow`s Be My Guest

12.8.2012 Helsinki All Breed show

Judge: Augustin Ionescu Romania

BOB,CC Pepstep Sweet Storm
BOS Clearing Pond`s David Beckham


11.8.2012 Raisio All Breed show
Judge: Benny Blid v.D Schedvin Sweden

BOB ,BIG-1 Daily Rays Charming Star
BF-4 Clearing Pond`s Fancy Face

Kuopio Int.Show 5.8.12
Judge: Loureiro Borges Manuel

BM-4 Clearing Pond`s David Beckham
BF-2 Ress,Cacib,Ress.CC Pepstep Sweet Storm

Kuopio Int.Show 4.8.12
Judge: Johan Juslin
Group Judge: Harry Tast

BOB,Cacib,BIG-2 Clearing Pond`s David Beckham
BF-4 Pepstep Sweet Storm
Kuopio Int. show 3.8.12
Judge: Saija Juutilainen

BM-2,Ress.Cacib Clearing Pond`s David Beckham
BF-3,Ress.CC,Ress.Cacib Pepstep Sweet Storm

29.7.2012 Pori Int.show
Judge: Kirsti Louhi

Clearing Pond`s David Beckham BOS,Cacib
Clearing Pond`s Flying High BM-2,Ress.Cacib >>Cacib
Clearing Pond`s Fancy Face BF-4
Tuohikorven Iines BOB, Cacib, CC  (Clearing Pond`s David Beckham-Tuohikorven Oona)

Congratulations to Iine`s owner Sirpa Kynäslahti


28.7.2012 Seinäjoki Group Show
Judge: Raija Tammelin
Clearing Pond`s David Beckham "Veeti" BOS
Pepstep Sweet Storm "Hertta" BOB,CC

Thank you Hanna!!


15.7.2012 Golden Ring  Club show Virrat
Judge: Riitta-Liisa Lehtonen (puppies&juniors)
others: Janet Barrow Great Britain

Riverside Fellow`s Be My Guest "Kaisa" BIS-puppy
Joystep`s Unique Design "Wenla" BF-3 .Exc.1 CK
Tuohikorven Iida Int.Exc.1 CK  (Clearing Pond`s David Beckham-Tuohikorven Oona)
Tuohikorven Ikaros Int.Exc.1 CK (Clearing Pond`s David Beckham-Tuohikorven Oona)
Daily Rays Charming Star "Wilson"work.Exc.2,
Clearing Pond`s David Beckham "Veeti" Ch.Exc.4

Riverside Fellow`s Be My Guest




Tuohikorven Ikaros


Best bitch 1&3 Sketching Fort Knox & Joystep`s Unique Design
(Fairfield Fireminstrel-Joystep`s May Flower)



Qualifying test Tammela 7.7.2012

judge: Harri Siven

Clearing Pond`s Fancy Face "Wanda"qualified in the field!!

And is now Finnish and Estonian champion.
Thank you Anna-Kaisa!!

You are super :)

Karjaa Int.show 7.7.2012
Judge: Branislav Rajic

BOB, Cacib, CC  Tuohikorven Ikaros "Karo"(Clearing Pond`s David Beckham-Tuohikorven Oona)
BOS, Cacib, CC Pepstep Sweet Storm "Hertta"

Congratulation`s to Karo`s owners Hanna and Teemu!!


Laukaa All breed show 30.6.2012
Judge: Irina Poletaeva

Clearing Pond`s David Beckham BOS "Veeti"
Pepstep Sweet Storm "Hertta" BF-4, Ress. CC


17.6.2012 Int.show Helsinki
Judge: Pekka Teini

Daily Rays Charming Star "Wilson" BOB,Cacib
Tuohikorven Ikaros "Karo" BM-3, CC   (Clearing Pond`s David Beckham - Tuohikorven Oona)
Pepstep Sweet Storm "Hertta" BF-4, Ress.CC


16.6.2012 Rusko group Show
Judge: Judith Szilágyi, Hungary

Daily Rays Charming Star "Wilson"BOB, BIS-2


9.6.2012 Salo All breed show
Judge: Jukka Kuusisto
Group judge: Vera Smirnova

Riverside Fellow`s Be My Guest    BOB-puppy
Daily Rays Charming Star "Wilson"   BOB,BIG-3
Pepstep Sweet Storm     "Hertta" BF-2 ,Ress.CC


Nat. show Järvenpää 27.5.2012
judge: Siv Sandö Norway

Daily Rays Charming Star "Wilson" BOS


Int.show Österbybruk Sweden 26.5.2012
Judge: Moa Persson Sweden

Daily Rays Charming Star "Wilson" BM-3
Clearing Pond`s David Beckham "Veeti"  BOB, Cacib ,CC >> C.I.E, S(u) CH  and finally BIG-3


Amazing trip!! Thank you Elina for these nice trip:)


Salo Group Show 20.5.2012
Judge: Arja Koskelo Finland

Pepstep Sweet Storm "Hertta" BOB,CC,BIG-2


Group Show Helsinki 17.5.2012
Judge :Riitta-Liisa Lehtonen Finland

"Wilson" Daily Rays Charming Star BOB




Kyröskoski group Show 17.5.2012
Judge :Vera Smirnova Estonia

Clearing Pond`s Flying High "Dero"  BM-2


Tampere Int. show 12.5.2012
Judge: Hannu Talvi Finland

Clearing Pond`s David Beckham "Veeti" BM-3,Res.Cacib


In memoriam Greenhill`s Feather Fan "Wilma"

My special girl gone too soon but left a wonderful memories to us.
We miss you so much Wilma..

Rauma All breed show 5.5.2012

Judge: Kirsti Louhi Finland

"Wilson" Daily Rays Charming Star BOB
Tuohikorven Ikaros (Clearing Pond`s David Beckham-Tuohikorven Oona)  BM-2,CC.

Congratulations to Karo`s owners.

"Hertta" Pepstep Sweet Storm BOS,CC


Daily Rays Charming Star & Pepstep Sweet Storm


Tuohikorven Ikaros



Lahti Int. show 29.4.2012
 Judge: Marjo Jaakkola Finland

Pepstep Sweet Storm "Hertta" Jun exc.3 CK
Greenhill`s Feather Fan "Wilma" BOB-veteran


Teerijärvi Group Show 28.4.2012
Judge:Hans Rosenberg Sweden

BOB Clearing Pond`s David Beckham "Veeti"
BOS,CC Pepstep Sweet Storm "Hertta"
BOB-veteran Greenhill`s Feather Fan "Wilma"


Pepstep Sweet Storm & Clearing Pond`s David Beckham


Clearing Pond`s David Beckham


Pepstep Sweet Storm


Pics©Sari Pirttinen

Amazing day:)

Vaasa Int. Show 15.4.2012
Judge: Nils-Arne Törnlöv Sweden
Group Judge :Zorica Salijevits Sweden

"Wilson" Daily Rays Charming Star BOB, Cacib, BIG-1
"Hertta" Pepstep Sweet Storm Jun. Exc./2.CK
"Wilma" Greenhill`s Feather Fan Vet. Exc./2.CK








Åbo Open Show 14.4.2012

Wilma is still going strong :)

Judge: Christer Flodfält, Sweden (kennel Sangold)

Riverside Fellow`s Be My Guest baby class 2/prize of honour

Clearing Pond`s Flying Star novice class 2/prize of honour
"Veeti" Clearing Pond`s David Beckham Ch. class 2/prize of honour,BM-4

"Hertta" Pepstep Sweet Storm Jun. 1/prize of honour
"Wilma" Greenhill`s Feather Fan  Vet. 1/ Prize of honour BIS-1,BIS-1 veteran




"Kaisa" Riverside Fellow`s Be My Guest


"Kaisa" Riverside Fellow`s Be My Guest




Ruovesi Group Show 9.4.2012
Judge: Paavo Mattila

"Dero" Clearing Pond`s Flying High Ch. Exc.1 CK
"Hertta" Pepstep Sweet Storm BOB,CC
"Wilma" Greenhill`s Feather Fan Vet Exc.2 CK BF-3


Lappeenranta All breed Show 8.4.2012
Judge: Ligita Zage Latvia

"Wilson" Daily Rays Charming Star BOS
"Wilma" Greenhill`s Feather Fan Vet. Exc.2/CK.

Thank you Kati for a nice trip together :)


Korpilahti Group Show 1.4.2012
Judge:Reia Leikola-Walden
BIS-veteran Judge:Markku Kipinä


"Veeti" Clearing Pond`s David Beckham BM-3
"Wilma" Greenhill`s Feather Fan BF-2,BOB-vet and BIS-4 vet.


Savitaipale Group Show 31.3.2012
Judge:Elena Ruskovaara,Finland
BIS-veteran judge:Elena Ruakovaara


"Veeti" Clearing Pond`s David Beckham BOS
"Hertta" Pepstep Sweet Storm BF-3 ,Ress.CC
"Wilma" Greenhill`s Feather Fan BF-2,BOB-vet,BIS-2 vet.



Latvia,Riga Latvian Winner Show 18.3 .2012
Judge:Anca Giura


"Wilson" Daily Rays Charming Star Work. Exc.1, CK, BM-2, Cacib, CC
>> Latvian Winner 2012, New Latvian Champion
"Hertta" Pepstep Sweet Storm Jun. Exc.1, CK, BF-2, Jun CC
>> Latvian Junior Winner 2012



Congratulations also to Hertta`s co-owner Mari!!
Thank you Elina for a nice trip together :)



Piteå Group show Sweden 3.3.2012
Judge:Torun Sörbye Norway


"Wilson" Daily Rays Charming Star work, Exc.1 CK,BM-1,CC,BOS,BIS-4
> >New Swedish Show champion
"Veeti" Clearing Pond`s David Beckham Ch. Exc.1 CK,BM-3
"Wilma" Greenhil`s Feather Fan vet. Exc.1,CK,BF-4,BOB-veteran,BIS-4 veteran
"Olivia" Clearing Pond`s Flame Of Love Open. Exc.
Wilson`s dauhgter "Isla" Riverside Fellow`s Be My Starlight BOB-puppy and BIS-3 puppy


Congratulations Laura and Thanks for a nice company!!



What a day we had!!! 2 new champions:)

International show Estonia
Judge: Alexey Belkin,Russia


"Wilson" Daily Rays Charming Star BM-2,Ress.Cacib,CC >> and New FI CH&EE CH
"Wenla" Joystep`s Unique Design BF-2,Cacib >> and New C.I.B



Estonia Club Show 11.2.2012
Judges: dogs Bob Lane UK, bitches: Sandra Lane UK


"Wilson" Daily Rays Charming Star work. Exc.2/ CK
"Wenla" Joystep`s Unique Design Ch. Exc.2/CK


Lohja Group Show 12.2.2012
Judge:Kjell Svensson, Sweden


"Dero" Clearing Pond`s Flying High BM-1,BOS
"Veeti" Clearing Pond`s David Beckham BM-3
"Hertta" Pepstep Sweet Storm Jun.Exc.3
"Wilma" Greenhill`s Feather Fan BF-1,BOB,BOB-vet and finally BIS-3 veteran.








THANK YOU girls Hanna,Merja and Johanna!!
You really made my day, it was easy to smile at Estonia :))



Annual Championship Show Lohja 4.2.2012
Judges:Lynn kipps,kennel Wheatcroft bitcheS
Gordon Kipps, kennel Wheatcroft

Amazing day!!

"Wilson" Daily Rays Charming Star Working Exc. 1 CK
"Veeti" Clearing Pond`s David Beckham Ch. Exc.4/CK
"Dero" Clearing Pond`s Flying High BM-1 and BIS-2!!

"Hertta" Pepstep Sweet Storm jun Exc.4/CK
"Wanda" Clearing Pond`s Fancy Face Open. Exc.
"Wenla" Joystep`s Unique Design Ch. Exc.3/CK
"Wilma"Greenhill`s Feather Fan vet Exc.2/CK

Thank you for nice travel company Hanna and Anna-Kaisa!!

I am still on cloud nine!!
Hanna and Dero :) super couple!!!


Sketching Fort Knox & Clearing Pond`s Flying High



Clearing Pond`s Flying High


Clearing Pond`s Flying High


Clearing Pond`s Flying High & Sketching Fort Knox


Greenhill`s Feather Fan
Joystep`s Unique Design



Narva All breed Show, Estonia 28.1.2012
Judge:Liam Moran, Ireland


"Dero" Clearing Pond`s Flying High BOB,CC >> EE CH and BIG-1
"Wanda" Clearing Pond`s Fancy Face BOS,CC

Thank You Hanna and Susanna!!
Congratulations Hanna,Anna-Kaisa and Ninni


Turku Int. Show 22.1.2012
Judge:Reia Leikola-Walden


"Wilson" Daily Rays Charming Star BM-3,Ress.CC
"Veeti" Clearing Pond`s David Beckham BM-2,Ress. Cacib
"Dero" Clearing Pond`s Flying High Ch,Exc.4

"Hertta" Pepstep Sweet Storm BF-1,CC and BOS
"Wanda" Clearing Pond`s Fancy Face Open Exc.2/CK BF-"5"
"Wilma" Greenhill`s Feather Fan BF-4,BOB-veteran